WPC Foam Door Frame Production Line FAT Testing Report
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WPC Foam Door Frame Production Line FAT Testing Report

Date: 8/21/2018
Location: XIGL


WPC Foam Door Frame and Door has a good marketing in India,Mr.Vikram is a real estate developer, he has his eye on the sustainability of India’s WPC door frame industry in the future, so he decided to cooperate with XIGL.

(XIGL has an experience for more than 3500 extrusion lines in worldwide, today we will do the FAT testing for WPC door frame.)


What`s WPC foam door frame?

wpc foam door frame

WPC Foam Door Frames are used for external doors, while linings and casings are used to hang internal doors. In our range of frames for external use you will find durable hardwood, softwood and oak veneered options which can be trimmed to match your doors. For internal doors, you will find stylish linings and casings that are oak veneered or made from pine, including options for fire resistance and double doors. Linings come with a separate door stop to make door repairs simpler. Casings have an integrated door stop, making them quicker to install.


What`s the Processing:

Mixing System

wpc door frame mixing

Wasting by hand will waste a lot of materials, if we use automatic mixing system, which can produce effectively and labor-saving.


wpc foam door frame extrusion

The extrusion die has the fixed thickness and width, and the length can be customizable.


wpc door frame calibration

Calibration table can be used for better cooling and shape the product.

1.Generally, the length of the calibration table is 5-6 meters, but the length of the calibration table in our trial run is 9.5 meters and the effective length is 8.5 meters, which can for better cooling.

2.For the quality of the product, the inlet temperature of the calibration table is 5-10 degrees, and the outlet temperature is 20 degrees.


wpc foam door frame haul off

Drag the product to the cutting system


wpc foam door frame

Set the required length and the cutting machine will cut automatically.

About the whole process, please check the video:



The standard electrical and power limitation was connected, extrusion die, downstreams are all going well. All workers stand by and machines are well tuned.

Thanks for the materials Mixing assistant by YAMAKA(a pvc/spc wall panel manufacture), and Additives: JOYSUN, Decorative Film: Yunchang, Wear Layer Film: Intime.

We mix the formulation in our another customer’s factory, and then we went for XIGL for FAT testing.

The testing process is not well.The extrusion process is difficult to shape, besides the formulation is not perfect because we put over the foam agent in side of it, so the result is not ideal, here is the photo to show the comparing with the standard.

wpc door frame



All workers and engineers stand by and machines are well tuned.

According to the day1’s result, our processing engineer changed the formulation, the foam agency reduced according to the screw.

Here is the formulation adjustable table:

wpc door frame
And Mr.Vikram bought one WPC Foam Door Frame Project Line back to India for production.This batch material is just matched with the screw, so we got the final products.

wpc door frame




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