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Product description

Product Introduction

WPC Wood plastic composite decking boards are a fantastic high quality in precision finishing, low maintenance for no painting and installation, low slip, 10 years guarantee to standard wooden decking.

Composite decking provides a natural looking, splinter-free surface that is easy to clean and will last year after year.

No need to paint, seal, stain or even waterproof(Capped 360 degree). WPC decking is ideal wherever exceptional durability and weather resistance are required. Made from 90% recycled hardwood and polyethylene products, Composite is eco-friendly and long lasting.

Our composite deck boards have been independently tested and conforms to having a low potential for slip. It is also has a 10 year guarantee.

For wood plastic flooring, they have common products and co-extrusion products. The reference image is shown below:

Co-extrusion product

Common product

Wood-plastic co-extruded floor is produced by extrusion molding technology. The surface of the wood plastic floor is uniformly and firmly covered with the co-extruded layer.The wood-plastic flooring produced by this new technology has the advantages of mildewproof, insect-proof and other physical properties as well as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance.

WPC Production Flow

Plastic Recycling

Washing, crushing, drying the PP/PE plastic wastage into flakes, the flakes shall be used for WPC production directly.

Wood Wheat Straw Powder Making

Crushing, milling, and drying the wheat straw into 80-100 mesh poeder

Material Mixing

Weighting and mixing all material together according to the formula by hot mixing machine

WPC Granulating

Extrusion by parallel double screw extruder and do hot-pelletizing into WPC granules.

WPC Extrusion

Extrusion by parallel double screw extruder and molding in required size and shape with water cooling calibrating , online fixed length cutting

WPC surface treatment

Embossed, Scratched, Polish

Raw Materials and Formula Cost

StarsPlas (Ordinary formula) StarsPlasCo-Extrusion formula
Item Proportion Item Proportion
PP/PE 25% PP/PE 28%
Wood powder 55% Wood powder 60%
Coupling agent 3% Coupling agent 4%
CaCO3 10% CaCO3 5%
Stearic acid 2%–2.5% Stearic acid 2%
Plgments 4% Carbon black 0.30%
Anti-UV agent 3‰
Anti-oxygen agent 3‰
Cost Price 0.462-0.539 usd/kg Core layer material Cost 0.431-0.539usd/kg
Co-Extrusion Cost 0.216usd/kg
Total Cost 0.647-0.693usd/kg

As the price of raw materials fluctuates, the above prices are for reference only

Product Decoration Display

The Quotation for Equipment


For more requirements and details, please contact us.All this production line can be replaced by a manipulator. Please check this article for more information: http://www.extrusionpanel.com/manipulator/

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