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UV Coating SPC Vinyl Flooring

UV coating refers to a coating that is cured using UV radiation. UV curable coatings can be applied to ink printing and exposed to UV radiation. Its solid content can be as high as 100%, so there is no volatile component and no pollution to the environment. The high solids content also allows it to be applied to very thin films. UV curable coatings can also be applied to coated glass and plastic, wood, aluminum beverage bottles.

Compared to general solvent-based coatings, the characteristics of UV coatings are as follows:

1. Fast curing speed

UV coatings are cured under UV photon irradiation (UV UV lamps), usually in about 1 second or less, allowing rapid continuous operation and greatly increasing production efficiency.

2. Normal temperature curing

Oligomers commonly used in UV coatings, such as epoxy acrylate, urethane acrylate, polyester acrylate, polyether acrylate, acrylated polyacrylic resin and unsaturated polyester, and various acrylate monofunctional groups Or polyfunctional monomers, which can initiate room temperature polymerization and cross-linking by free radical photons under the action of ultraviolet photons, thus being particularly advantageous for the coating of heat sensitive substrates such as wood, paper and plastic.

3. Saving energy

UV coatings do not require heat drying, which saves energy by 75% to 90% compared to conventional hot dry coatings during construction.

4. Save floor space

The various coating equipments of UV coatings are compact, do not need drying tunnels, are easy and quick to operate, and are easy to automate production, thus greatly reducing equipment footprint and reducing working space.

5. Does not pollute the environment

UV coating is a solvent-free or solvent-free coating. VOC is volatilized into the atmosphere during film formation, and it does not pollute the environment. It is easy to meet the environmental regulations of the government or the legislature.

6. Improve product performance

The UV coating realizes the cross-linking polymerization between the components under the action of ultraviolet photons, rapidly solidifies the liquid into a film, and has a three-dimensional network structure, thereby improving the surface properties of the paint film, such as hardness, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. Scratch resistance, chemical resistance, high gloss, durability, etc.

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