About using manipulator in SPC floor factory
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About using manipulator in SPC floor factory


The power assisted manipulator is developed on the basis of the ancient robots that appeared in the early stage. The research on the manipulator began in the middle of the 20th century. With the development of computer and automation technology. Especially since the first digital electronic computer came out in 1946. The computer has made amazing progress, and developed in the direction of high speed, large capacity and low price. At the same time, the urgent demand of mass production promotes the development of automation technology and lays the foundation for the development of robot. On the other hand, the research of nuclear energy technology requires some operating machinery to deal with radioactive substances instead of human. In this context, the United States developed a remote manipulator in 1947 and a mechanical power manipulator in 1948.

The power assisted manipulator was first developed in the United States. In 1954, the concept of industrial robot was first put forward and applied for a patent. The key point of the patent is to control the joints of the robot with the help of servo technology, and use human hands to teach the action of the robot. The robot can record and reproduce the action. This is the so-called teaching reproduction robot. Almost all the existing robots adopt this control mode. In 1958, united control company developed the first robot for riveting. Now power manipulator is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry, atomic energy and other industries.

Is it necessary to use a manipulator in the factory

Save labor, reduce the labor force of workers: take out the product with manipulator, can save labor, and solve the problem of workers working very tired when operating the T-Bag dumping station, eliminate a series of problems such as safety risks caused by fatigue and product reduction.

High safety: there is a risk of hand injury when taking the product manually, and the use of manipulator can ensure the safety of production.

Improve efficiency: in terms of mixing system, workers need to dismantle 240 bags of small materials every day, and the weight of 40 bags of small materials is 1 ton. If the robot is used to replace the manual, the work efficiency will be greatly improved.

Stable output: the use of manipulator can make the production time fixed, the same handling time, stacking time, pressure holding time, cooling time, mold opening and closing time, stabilize the output, facilitate the arrangement of production, and increase the yield of products.

Improve quality: if manual operation is used, unnecessary defective products caused by oil contamination can not be avoided. If it is taken out by manipulator, the defective rate can be reduced.

Prevent mold damage: if the manual operation error will cause mold damage, if the mechanical arm fails to operate successfully, it will automatically alarm and stop.

Get rid of the inertia of manual operation: whether the day shift or night shift operators work for a long time will produce a sense of inertia and fatigue, which will affect the work enthusiasm. Moreover, workers will be absent from work due to work mood, holidays, physical condition and other conditions. Using the manipulator can get rid of the inertia and fatigue of manual operation, and there is no need to worry about the absence of workers and interfere with the normal production of the factory.

Return on investment time of using manipulator

If we invest in the automatic and unmanned mixing system in SPC flooring factory, the investment return cycle is shown in the table below:

Item. fully automatic mixing system
Estimated investment amount 175,780$
Number of people not using manipulator 2 persons
Wages of workers (2 persons) US:100,000$
Estimated return on investment time US:1.5年

Obviously, if the fully automatic and unmanned mixing system is used in the United States, the cost can be recovered in less than two years. There is no need to invest in the next few years. Due to the epidemic situation, it will be more difficult to recruit factory workers, and the wages of workers will continue to rise. According to the stock market data of European rich countries after the Spanish pandemic, it is obvious that the impact of the pandemic on the economy was greater than that of the European war.

Grain price and industrial metal price:

It can be seen from the data in the table that after the Spanish pandemic. The prices of grain and industrial metals have not decreased, but continued to rise, which undoubtedly increased the living pressure of the public. Thus, the public’s demand for high wages has been increased imperceptibly. If we use robots, these problems will no longer exist.

Those positions in SPC factory can be replaced by manipulator

Fullly automatic mixing system

            Manual feeding 

            Manipulator feeding 

Slab conveying

           Manual conveying

Manipulator conveying

Automatic palletizing

               Manual packing

             Manipulator packing

About us (Starsplas)

StarsPlas focus on fully automation SPC flooring factory solution, the turnkey project included the reliable quality machine and an experienced team to service and support your project, the main process of service:


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  • Project ManagerSupervision
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Delivery Plan
  • Customs Clearance
  • Site Installation with Third Parties
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • SOP Training
  • Production Guarantee
  • Quality Control System
  • Continuous Improvement Plans
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