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stone plastic flooring
Stone Plastic Flooring Facility
Product description

Stone Plastic Flooring Facility is used for producing decoration flooring .By changing the surface lamination films, we can produce verities colors of floor, such as marble imitation, wood grain imitation,etc. Such decoration flooring tiles are low cost,buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets,and other public places.

stone plastic floor

Stone Plastic Flooring Facility includes:

Machine Name Weight(kg) Quantity
Automatic feeding machine 100 1
SJSZ80 Double screw extruder 5000 1
mould 1500 1
Four-roller calender machine 5500 1
Cooling shaft 200 1
Edge cutting device 50 1
Haul-off machine 500 1
Chipless cutting machine 800 1
Roller stacker 300 1
Automatic mechanical arm 350 1

stone plastic flooring facility

Features of roller forming machine:

1. Double screw feeding machine with stirring device(which makes feeding speed much more stable)

2.High torque gear box(which makes it energy saving)

3.Screw and barrel are specially selected by the final plastic products(to ensure good plasticizing effects for different raw materials)

4.The two-roller haul off machine with cylinders to control the above rollers up and down motion(which makes it safe and easy for operators)

stone plastic floor

Why Choose Stone Plastic Flooring For Home Use?

Nowadays, more and more people prefer use stone plastic flooring for their house.

No like laminated flooring, the stone plastic flooring is produced with 100% virgin PVC. They are 100% formaldehyde free, waterproof & fire resistant. So, they are Eco-friendly.

As we know, the hardwood flooring is not waterproof, so it can not used them for bathroom. But stone plastic flooring is moisture resistant, also with wood texture & stone texture, so they can use for the bathroom & kitchen.

The installation options include glue down, self-adhesive, and click. For people who do not have the experience to install the flooring, they can choose self-adhesive flooring & click flooring. The self-adhesive flooring also named “peel and stick” flooring. It makes the installation easily. Also, for some commercial places, click flooring is designed with “Unilin” to click together. No mess, No fuss.

Not expensive than hardwood flooring, stone plastic flooring is more economic. Pay less money but with a hardwood flooring looking; why not choose stone plastic to replace the hardwood?





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