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SPC Rigid Vinyl Plank Production
SPC Rigid Vinyl Plank Project
Product description

SPC Rigid Vinyl Plank Project consists of SPC rigid vinyl plank introduction and the process of producing SPC rigid vinyl plank.

What is SPC Rigid Vinyl Plank Production?

SPC rigid vinyl plank project is the next evolution in rigid vinyl plank family. With advanced printing and texturing technologies, it is the best-looking, best-performing rigid vinyl plank in the market.
SPC rigid vinyl plank stands for Stone Plastic Composite.

The main component is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+ PVC Powder + Stabilizer. It is much more stable,waterproof and fire resistant.

SPC Rigid Vinyl Plank Production

Main dimensions:

1220*180*4.5mm/5mm +1.5mm (optional)
1530*180*4.5mm/5mm +1.5mm  (optional)

Each SPC rigid vinyl plank is constructed with the following layers:

spc rigid vinyl floor

1. Wear layer: This transparent layer is at the top. It provides resistance to scratches and stains and is easy to keep clean.
2. Vinyl layer: This layer provides the decoration for the plank. Colors and patterns are printed onto the vinyl.
3. SPC layer: This is the dense, waterproof core for the plank made of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers. It provides rigidity and stability for the plank.
4. Base layer: This layer is generally made from cork or EVA (ethylene and vinyl acetate) foam, which provides sound insulation and cushioning.

About SPC rigid vinyl plank,you should know more:

1. Elasticity: one-step SPC floor, different from the stone, tiles and other hard materials, imitation stone and wooden surface floor gives a more comfortable experience.
2. Taking into consideration of the health and anti-skid, SPC rigid vinyl plank has a unique anti-skid ability, while ensuring adequate resistance to dirt, easy to clean.
3. Anti-mildew insects: SPC floor, wear durable, good shrinkage stability; surface is pure PVC wear layer, high wear resistance. And wood flooring is easy to
deformation and with high risk of raw insects
4. Non-toxic: the latest environmentally friendly technology, low cost, high stability and zero formaldehyde.

spc rigid floor

What is included in SPC Rigid Vinyl Plank Project?


No. Commodity Size of Sheet Production Output Annual Output
1 80/156 Extrusion Machine 985 x 1580mm 900 sheets/day 420,000㎡/4.5 M SQFT

For more details, you can visit: http://jz.md9119.com/pvc-flooring-extrusion-machine/


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