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SPC Rigid Flooring Equipment
SPC Rigid Flooring Equipment
Product description

SPC Rigid Flooring Equipment is also called PVC flooring making machine, which is used to produce SPC rigid floor. the equipment mainly includes vacuum loading system, mixing system, extrusion system, hauling machine, cutting system, automatic sucker with stacking system and recycling system.

Features of SPC rigid flooring equipment

1、High output—–one production line can produce at least 500 pieces a day

2、Speed is controlled by inverter, saving power and easy to adjust speed
3、Extruder temperature is controlled by intelligent controller. PLC touch screen can also be equipped according to customer’s preferences.

Parameter of SPC Rigid Floor Equipment

No Item parameter
1 Product thickness 2-6mm
2 Product width 12


3 weight 20-25kg/piece
4 capacity 500-800kg/h
5 Product speed 0.5-1.2M/min

What is SPC rigid floor?

The SPC rigid floor is an updated version of the vinyl tiles (PVC). It is a specially designed “one-line” click-lock system. So,SPC rigid floor can be easily installed on different floors.Whether they are placed on concrete, ceramics or existing floors.

Features about SPC rigid flooring


SPC rigid floor is stone plastic composite, so ti is formaldehyde free. Therefore parents cannot worry about baby’s health.
2、Easy and quick to install

SPC Rigid Flooring Equipment

Installs about 40% than traditional glue down


SPC Rigid Flooring Equipment

SPC flooring is 100% waterproof, so it can be installed in kitchen & bathroom.

4、Strong stability
SPC flooring has a better stability than traditional flooring
5、Various of colors

SPC Rigid Flooring Equipment

SPC Rigid Flooring Equipment

SPC flooring has thousands of color patterns, including wood design, stone design & carpet design.

The structures of SPC flooring

SPC flooring is consist of UV layer, wear layer, color film, SPC core and foam layer

SPC Rigid Flooring Equipment

Our Service

1、We provide relevant consultation and information as well as various convenience and market services.
2、We provide installation and test product services.
3、We also provide information on product formulation and technology as well as chemical raw materials.
4、We provide technical training to our customers’ employees

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