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SPC Plastic Flooring Extrusion Line
SPC Plastic Flooring Extrusion Line
Product description

SPC Plastic Flooring Extrusion Line is consisted of :

1)SJSZ80/156 Conical twin-screw extruder

2)T type Mould

3)4-roller Calender System with online lamination device

4)Cooling Bracket+Air Curtain

5)Side Trimming Device

6)Haul off device

7)Precision shearing machine


spc plastic flooring extrusion line

Item Technical parameter
Main raw material PVC powder、Additives
Product length 1580mm
Product thickness 4mm
Finished Product SPC plastic floor
Output capacity 900sheets/day
Consumption of cooling water 7-9M3/h
Consumption of compressed air 0.6M3/min
Load Power 180kw

The Developing Trends of SPC Plastic Flooring Extrusion Line:

SPC plastic floor is the new environmental Super Floor,adopts the natural stone powder and PVC resin powder as the base material, and is coated with polymer wear-resistant layer, and is processed by Plastic One Step Stone Plastic Composite SPC Plastic Flooring Extrusion Line.

spc plastic floor

The whole process does not use glue, paint and other substances containing formaldehyde and toluene. The materials used are non-toxic formaldehyde free, waterproof sterilization, convenient installation, realistic lines, super wear-resistant waterproof, flame retardant and heat resistant, it is representative of twenty-first Century new high-tech ground material. Because of the excellent stability and durability of the SPC  plastic floor, this kind of floor has been popular in developed countries in Europe and America.

 SPC Plastic Flooring Extrusion Line can produce:

SPC Core Flooring Plank including:UV Coating Layer,Wear Layer,Decorative Layer,SPC Core Layer

After launched the SPC Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring Making Machine,we release the Newest SJSZ80/156  3 Layers Rigid Core SPC plastic flooring extrusion line.

ABA structure SPC Core Flooring Plank including: UV Coating Layer,Wear Layer,Decorative Layer,SPC Top Layer,SPC Middle Layer,SPC Bottom Layer with higher stability,flexible formula etc

The SPC Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring produced by Rigid core flooring SPC plastic flooring extrusion line is widely used in many different lines for various application including:Department Store,Hotel,Restaurant,Bank,Office,Residence etc.

About the difference between LVT and SPC Flooring production line,you can visit: http://jz.md9119.com/differences-lvt-spc-production-line/

Why you choose XIGL?

spc flooring production

Located in WuXi, City, JiangSu Province,China.We specialize in manufacturing of Rigid core flooring SPC plastic flooring extrusion line in China. We have been keeping researching and developing our production line for  many years and have improved to the latest generation. Our Rigid Core PVC Sheet Flooring SPC Plastic Flooring Extrusion Line shows superior performance and capacity.

XIGL is the unique Chinese factory provides the LIFE-LONG service system as we take much attention the feedbacks from our customers.

Pre-sale service:

To provide information and market research,to provide consultation,to provide many kinds of conveniences and market service,etc.
The main purpose of pre-sales service is to help customers make the project planning and system requirements analysis. Make our products maximum to meet clients’ requirements. Also play the greatest overall economic benefits of customers’ investment.

After-sale service:

To install products and test products freely for customers.
To provide the formulas and technologies of relevant products and the information of chemical materials manufactories.
To direct technology aspect of relevant use according to customers’ requirements
To provide technical training for clients’ employees.
To be responsible for maintenance service, door-to-door service under the necessary circumstance.

Technology support:

To provide installation and test for the machine.
To provide formulas and technology of relevant products.
To provide information of chemical material manufactories.
To provide technical training for clients’ employees.

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