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spc plank project
Product description

SPC Plank Project is a new generation of natural, responsible and durable floor design. Be confident in total accountability with a design containing no phthalates, polyurethane or halogens. Its unique homogeneous construction  eliminates any requirement for additional polishes and finishes while maintaining exceptional durability and performance.

What’s the whole line of SPC Plank Project?

Product Name  SPC Plank Project
Advantages  1)Safety and environmental protection;

2)Waterproof and skid resistance;

3)Wear-resistance, corrosion resistance;

4) Luxing and beauty;

5)Installation convenience.

Applications It’s widely used in bedrooms, halls, kitchens and toilets; office buildings, libraties, museums, shopping malls, restaurants, factories, schools, hospitals and other ground pavement.
Product Structure 1)UV Coating;

2)Wear Layer;

3)Printing Layer;

4)Middle Layer;

5)Base Layer.

Packaging Details Standard exporting package
Delivery Time 60 days after perpayment
Supply Ability 10 sets/month

spc plank project

Why We Choose SPC Plank Project

Flooring at the next level –SPC Plank is a new vinyl platform that combines the durability & water resistance of vinyl with an innovative new substrate plank technology. Its waterproof construction, coupled with leading hardwood looks, make it an ideal option for any room! SPC is even more durable, and now offers the very real bonus of being fire resistant in addition to the same waterproof protection that WPC offers. Not only that, but it can even be cheaper than WPC due to more companies being able to produce it. By using PVC in its core layer to create a rigid plank, SPC plank installs easily and won’t show ripples caused by imperfections in your subfloor. Its top coat provides exceptional scratch resistance, stain resistance, and dent resistance for high traffic areas – great for your busy family! Due to the waterproof nature , it can be used in almost any room of your home…when it’s waterproof, it’s worry proof!

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