SPC Flooring Production Line
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SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line (upper part)

What is the spc floor?

What is the spc floor and it's advantage?

SPC is a new type of ground material, which is a new type of environmentally friendly ecological building material that is popular in Europe and America and gradually accepted and liked by domestic users.

SPC is the abbreviation of Stone Plastic Composites. It is a flat twin-screw extruder combined with a floor mold to extrude SPC substrate. The horizontal four-roll calender is used to heat-dissipate the wear layer, color film and substrate. Embossed, it is a green and new building material that does not use glue.


What is SPC flooring production line?

SPC Flooring Production Line is Mixing→Extrusion→UV coating→Cutting→Laminating→Package→Recycling.





First SPC Flooring Production Line

Mixing is operated by a automatic mixing system.

SPC Flooring Production Line


The automatic mixing system is very necessary, because in nowadays’s production plants, most factories let workers to weigh various raw materials and accessories.

This practice is possible in the small factory era, but in large factories, for example, when the raw material mix exceeds 1000kg per hour, its uneconomical characteristics begin to stand out.

Such as:

1.The number of workers required is large, the wages of workers are soaring, and the importance of physical health has caused the labor costs to rise rapidly.

2.Due to the emotionalization of personnel, working in a boring work environment for a long time, it is inevitable that the problem of inaccuracy and mismatch of weighing will occur, resulting in significant losses.


Therefore, the application of automatic weighing and batching, mixing and conveying systems is necessary. This system is suitable for large-scale production, and the economic benefits are obvious for plants with a production capacity exceeding 1000 kg/hr.


SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line



The mixing machine is relatively uniform and loose during the mixing process. During the running process, the dead ends are rarely seen. The equipment discharging is very convenient and easy to clean. The mixing machine has high production efficiency.

When it is in the process of running, is not easy to appear in the case of wear.


The drying function of the mixer is very convenient. When using it, you can directly switch the switch on the electric instrument panel to the dry gear, and effectively set the temperature required for the equipment on the temperature control table of the equipment. When the set temperature is reached, the automatic mixing system will stop running. The mixer has the function of color mixing during operation. When it is used, it is necessary to effectively switch the switch of the electrical instrument to its color mixing gear, and then effectively set the protection temperature of the raw material on the thermometer when it is mixed. The material reaches its protective temperature so that the machine stops working.


SPC Flooring Production Line

Compared with general industrial equipment, the automatic mixing system operation control is quite simple, and the novice is easy to get started.

A mixer is a machine that uniformly mixes two or more materials by mechanical force, gravity, or the like. Hybrid machines are widely used in various industries and daily life. The mixer can mix a variety of materials into a homogeneous mixture, such as mixing cement, sand, gravel and water into concrete wet materials; it can also increase the contact surface area of the material to promote chemical reactions; it can also accelerate physical changes, such as granular The solute is added to the solvent, and the dissolution and mixing can be accelerated by the action of the mixing machine. Generally speaking, no matter the novice veteran, it is strictly in accordance with the operating specifications of the mixer.


The professional automatic mixing system is widely used in the mixing of powders and powders (solid-liquid) such as chemicals, dyes and rare earths. Its structure is as follows: 1. The reducer is the main transmission structure of the mixer. It is located at the top of the barrel. It is installed in the base machine during operation. The shaft is hollow and equipped with fixed keys, which can make large plastic vertical mixer. The paddles are free to assemble and disassemble. 2. The barrel is three-dimensional, made of stainless steel, with built-in vertical mixing blades and placed in the barrel. 3.Beer reducer, the professional automatic mixing system works when the motor is driven by the motor in the machine base to drive the worm to rotate the mixing screw in the mixing drum clockwise, so that the large mixed materials can be discharged at one time.


SPC Flooring Production Line


1.using the industrial computer PC and plc combined with the full computer control system, can achieve full automatic control, storage of multiple sets of recipe production statistics, random printing, real-time dynamic control, fault alarm, multi-level password protection.


2.using the United States Toledo tube type measuring sensor and control instrument, dynamic missile stability, accurate measurement, dynamic accuracy ± 3 ‰.


3.using a unique anti-stick layer and a homogenizing structure of the metering screw, eliminating the factors affecting the measurement accuracy.


4.using a unique air bag type unloading device, completely eliminate the trouble of “bridge” of viscous materials.


5.using a system pressure balanced centralized dust removal system, so that the dust at each leak point is reduced to a low amount.


6.fully enclosed material conveying system to prevent secondary pollution and environmental pollution.


7.a variety of system combination mode, adapt to a variety of plant conditions.


This is the composition of the automatic mixing system.

This is the first step of SPC Flooring Production Line.



Second SPC Flooring Production Line

Extrusion is operated by extruder.

SPC Flooring Production LineSPC Flooring Production Line


Mechanical principle


Water or a suitable liquid is added to the raw material powder and continuously stirred. The agitated material is extruded from a porous head or metal mesh at a high extrusion pressure.

Usually, after the material is placed in a cylindrical container, the material is extruded with a screw. After using the variable frequency technology, the pressure can be controlled. So that the most suitable linear speed can be selected.


SPC Flooring Production LineSPC Flooring Production Line


Energy saving


The energy saving of the extruder can be divided into two parts: one is the power part and the other is the heating part.

Power saving: Most of the inverters are used. The energy saving method is to save the residual energy of the motor. For example, the actual power of the motor is 50Hz, and you only need 30Hz in production to produce enough. The excess energy consumption is vain. Wasted, the inverter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve energy saving.

Energy saving in heating part: Most of the energy saving in heating is energy saving by electromagnetic heater, and the energy saving rate is about 30%~70% of the old resistor ring.

work process

The plastic material enters the extruder from the hopper, and is transported forward by the rotation of the screw. During the forward movement, the material is heated by the barrel, sheared by the screw and compressed to melt the material. Thus, a change between the three states of the glassy state, the high elastic state, and the viscous flow state is achieved.

In the case of pressurization, the material in a viscous flow state is passed through a die having a certain shape, and then becomes a continuum having a cross-section and a mouth-like appearance according to the die. It is then cooled and shaped to form a glassy state, thereby obtaining the part to be processed.


SPC Flooring Production LineSPC Flooring Production Line




1. Routine maintenance is a routine routine work that does not take up the working hours of the equipment and is usually completed during driving. The focus is on cleaning the machine, lubricating the moving parts, tightening the loose threaded parts, checking and adjusting the motor in time, controlling the instrument, working parts and piping, etc.

2.Regular maintenance is generally stopped after the continuous operation of the extruder is 2500-5000h. The machine needs to disassemble, measure, and identify the wear of the main parts, replace the parts that have reached the specified wear limit, and repair the damaged parts.

3.Do not allow empty cars to run, so as to avoid screwing of the screw and barrel.

4.If an abnormal sound occurs during the operation of the extruder, stop immediately and inspect or repair.

5. Strictly prevent metal or other debris from falling into the hopper to avoid damage to the screw and barrel. In order to prevent iron debris from entering the barrel, a magnetically absorbing part or a magnetic frame may be placed at the feeding port of the material to prevent the impurities from falling into the material.

6. Pay attention to the clean production environment, do not let the garbage impurities mix into the material to block the filter plate, affect the product output, quality and increase the resistance of the machine head.

7.When the extruder needs to be stopped for a long time, it should be coated with anti-rust grease on the working surface of the screw, barrel, and machine head. The small screw should be hung in the air or placed in a special wooden box and leveled with wooden blocks to avoid deformation or bumping of the screw.

8. Regularly calibrate the temperature control instrument to check the correctness of the adjustment and the sensitivity of the control.

9.The gearbox maintenance of the extruder is the same as that of the general standard reducer. Mainly to check the wear and failure of gears, bearings and so on. The gearbox should use the lubricating oil specified in the machine manual, and add the oil according to the specified oil level. The oil is too small, the lubrication is insufficient, and the service life of the parts is reduced. The oil is too much, the heat is large, the energy consumption is high, and the oil is easy to deteriorate. Also, the lubrication is invalidated, resulting in damage to the parts. The oil leakage part of the gearbox should be replaced in time to ensure the amount of lubricant.

10. The inner wall of the cooling water pipe attached to the extruder is easy to scale and the outside is easily corroded and rusted. Care should be taken during maintenance. Excessive scale will block the pipeline and will not reach the cooling effect. If the corrosion is serious, water leakage will occur. Therefore, measures such as descaling and anti-corrosion and cooling should be taken during maintenance.

11.For the DC motor that drives the screw to rotate, it is important to check the brush wear and contact. The insulation resistance of the motor should be measured frequently. In addition, check the connection wires and other components for rust and take protective measures.

12.Designate a person to be responsible for equipment maintenance. Detailed records of each maintenance and repair situation are included in the plant equipment management file.


This is extruder.

This is the second  step of SPC Flooring Production Line.



Third SPC Flooring Production Line

UV is operated by Coating Machine.


UV treatment is a method of surface reinforcement treatment with modified polyurethane, which can resist pollution and effectively absorb ultraviolet rays, enhance wear resistance, impact resistance, fire retardant, delay product aging and easy cleaning.

The UV-treated floor has good stain resistance and antibacterial properties, and the general stain resistance is easy to remove. At the same time, it can delay the problem of ultraviolet ray fading or discoloration under the sun. So that the floor can be bright and new. And the performance of the wear layer can be improved and the service life of the floor can be increased.


UV Coating Machine



SPC Flooring Coating Machine is s a surface treatment which either is cured by ultraviolet radiation. Or which protects the underlying material from such radiation’s harmful effects.


Technical Specification

Item Power Length Price
Standard Coating Machine 163kw 25m 7,000$


Parameter Details


UV Diamond Coating Machine

Dust remover→6M Hot Air Dryer → Single Roller Coating Unit → Brush Machine → 6M Hot Air Dryer→LED UV Dryer →Three Meters Belt Conveyor→Single Roller Coating Unit →LED UV Dryer→Single Roller Coating Unit →LED UV Dryer→Three Meters Belt Conveyor→Single Roller Coating Unit →6M Hot Air Dryere→ Five Lamps UV Drying Unit → Two Meters Belt Conveyor


SPC Flooring Production LineSPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production LineSPC Flooring Production Line


The term UV stands for ultra violet, these are coating that on exposure to certain wavelength of UV Light get cured. This product is a special polyurethane acrylate uv curing matte finish for SPC flooring. Its main features are good coating surface effect, good wear resistance and low odor

SPC flooring is a new A new kind of environmental protection home decoration material. It is fireproof, waterproof, formaldehyde-free, easy to maintain, easy to install and other advantages. So in recent years SPC flooring has been particularly popular in Europe and America.


Advantages of UV coating:

  1. SPC flooring with excellent surface effect.
  2. Good wear resistance
  3. Good adhesion
  4. Low smell


SPC Flooring Production Line


This is uv coating.


This is the third  step of SPC Flooring Production Line.




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