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SJSZ92 PVC Tiles Equipment
SJSZ92 PVC Tiles Equipment
Product description

SJSZ92 PVC tiles equipment is used to make PVC imitation marble sheet which have marble, carpet, stones, natural scenery, stereo design on the surface.

SJSZ92 PVC tiles equipment Parameter of extruder:

Item SJSZ 65/132 SJSZ 80/156 SJSZ 92/188
Screw Diameters(mm) 65mm/132mm 80mm/156mm 92mm/188mm
L/D Ratio 22:1/25:1 22:1/25:1 22:1/25:1
Output(Kg/h) 160-200 250-350 400-500
Main Driving Power(kw) 37 55 110
Heating Powder(Kw) 4 zones, 20Kw 5 zones, 38Kw 6 zones, 54Kw

SJSZ92 PVC Tiles Equipment

No Item parameter
1 Product thickness 2-6mm
2 Product width 1220mm
3 weight 20-25kg/piece
4 capacity 500-800kg/h
5 Product speed 0.5-1.2M/min

SJSZ92 PVC Tiles Equipment  Processing flow

Mixer→Auto loader→SJSZ92conical twin screw extruder →Mould→

Four calender(online laminating) →Edge cutter→hauling machine→Transverse cutting ma

chine→ Conveyor→UV coating→Final PVC marble sheet

Features of  PVC Tiles

1、The surface has many colors

SJSZ92 PVC Tiles Equipment

SJSZ92 PVC Tiles Equipment


3、Economic and practical
5、Convenient installation and renewable

Our main products:

Floor extrusion machine
Wall panel extrusion machine
PVC foam board machine
PVC profile extrusion machine

Auxilliary machine
Finished production

Why choose XIGL?

SJSZ92 PVC Tiles Equipment

Pre-sale service
Provide information and market research, provide consulting, provide a variety of convenience and market services, etc.
The main aim of pre-sales service is to help customers with project planning and system requirements analysis
After-sale service
Install and test products for customers free of charge.
Provide information on product formulation and technology as well as chemical raw materials.
Guide the technical aspects of related use according to customer’s requirement
Provide technical training to customer’s staff.
Responsible for maintenance service, home service if necessary
Technology support:
Provide installation and testing of machines.
Provide formulations and techniques for related products.
Provide materials for production of chemical raw materials.
Provide technical training to customer’s staff

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