A prerequisite for a successful SPC project
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A prerequisite for a successful SPC project

When starting a new SPC construction project, both the customer and we will have a variety of problems, when these problems can be solved, a project is really the beginning.We will explain the specific details from two aspects(StarsPlas & Customers) When we know each other well enough, we will open our hearts to communicate.This is the premise of a successful project.

Customer to StarsPlas issues

1. Who are you?

In order to supply the best solution and service to customer, StarsPlas combined the supply chain involved machine union and production materials union to share mutual experience to ensure the project easier and more smoothly.

Starsplas built up the 1st manufacturing plant to produce SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) flooring in the USA. With latest technology machinery and strategic partnership raw material suppliers, we bring a valuable SPC Flooring factory in American.

2. What service can you offer?

StarsPlas focus on fully automation SPC flooring factory solution, the turnkey project included the reliable quality machine and an experienced team to service and support your project, the main process of service:

Factory Layout Design

Installation Design with Wire drawings

Installation Guidance for Mechanical, Electrical, Software

Project Manager Supervision

Factory Acceptance Test

SOP Training

Production Guarantee

Quality Control System

Continuous Improvement Plans  

3. What are your advantages?

3.1 Online Inspection System

  • Extrusion inline inspection
  • Including two camera station
  • 1227mm*975mm, 3 pieces/min
  • 24h working, CT<20s
  • Using data control material quality
  • Avoid next process UV material waste
  • Assistant operator good command extrusion

3.2 Online Monitoring System for Machine

MMR – systematic, transparent and comprehensible

Production KPIs are essential for economic and sustainable production. They provide information about the current status of the production unit with regard to  performance and efficiency. MMR — Machine Monitoring and Reporting — allows machine times and statuses to be recorded, a history of data to be maintained, and, with  standardized KPIs, provides the optimal basis for decisions and optimization.

3.3 Robots in production

StarsPlas combined with the inherent industry resources can provide the leading industry equipment and technology for the project, adding KUKA robot into the production process to replace the original labor force and realize the full-automatic black light factory. It greatly saves the labor cost, improves the production efficiency and reduces the risk of safety accidents.

StarsPlas to Customer issues

1. Project time

When do you want to start the project?

2. Products Information

2.1 What products do you want to produce? What’s the thickness?4mm or others?

  • SPC Rigid Core Single Later?
  • SPC Rigid Core ABA Co-Later?
  • Flexiable SPC Close to LVT?




2.2 EIR or Standard?

2.3 Wear layer’s thickness?(0.3mm or 0.5mm)

3. Products Volume

3.1 How many SQM do you need to product per year?

3.2 How long do you plan to work? 24hours or 12 hours?

3.3 How many days do you plan to work per month? 30days or 22days?

3.4 How many months do you plan to work per year? 11months or 12months?

3.5 What’s the capacity by day do you required? 10000㎡/day?

4. Factory Information

4.1 How many SQM of your factory in this project plan?

4.2 What’s the available space for Phase 1 project?

4.3 What’s the roof height of the building?

4.4 What’s the existing facility available for SPC production in this project?

4.5 What’s the power condition?

  • Voltage: 400V, 50Hz, 3P?
  • Control power: 220V/50Hz, 1P or safety voltage 24V?

5. EHS Requirements & Goverment Documents

5.1 Fire prevention requirements?

5.2 Exhaust gas / VOC emission requirements?

5.3 Waster water emission requirements?

5.4 Explosion-proof requirement?

6. Main Machine List(whether need?)

6.1 Mixing System:

  • 1 Dosing system for 2 Mixing system?
  • 1 Mixing system for 2 Extrusion system?







6.2 Extrusion System:

  • 2lines * 110mm Conical Twin Screw Extrusion Line?
  • E.I.R system?







6.3 UV Coating System:

  • Standard Coating Processing or Diamond Coating Processing?
  • Mercury lamps or LED lamps?





6.4 Automatic Profiling System

6.5 Automatic Laminating System

6.6 Automatic Carton Packaging System

7. Auxiliary Machine List(whether need?)

7.1 Silo

  • For PVC
  • For CaCO3
  • For recycled materials




7.2 Dust Collection System

  • For mixing bag station
  • For extrusion T-DIE mould
  • For UV Coating Processing
  • For Sawing Machine & Profiling Machine






7.3 Blade Tools

  • For Sawing Blades
  • For Profiling Blades




7.4 Automatic Recycling System

  • For Extrusion trims & Defect product
  • For UV defect products
  • For sawing trims
  • For profiling defect product
  • For laminating defect products






7.5 Online Inspection System

  • For Extrusion Lines
  • For UV Coating Line
  • For Profiling Line




7.6 Safety Fencing with interlock system for all machines

7.7 Automatic Loading & Unloading System for all machines

7.8 Automatic Conveying System for all machines

7.9 Water Oil Separation System (For Extrusion Line)

7.10 Chilled Water for Cooling Blender ( Water Tank, Chiller)

7.11 Compressed Air

After all the above problems are solved, we can understand each other enough and clearly understand each other’s needs, and we will try our best to provide solutions for you.Starsplas focuses on SPC floor planning solutions, and starsplas looks forward to working with you!

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