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PP Honeycomb Panel Production Line
PP Honeycomb Panel Production Line
Product description

The Steps of PP Honeycomb Panel Production Line are as Follows:

1. Material preparation: First, polypropylene (PP) materials need to be prepared, mainly in the form of granules or powder. The appropriate PP material can be selected according to the required thickness and specifications of the honeycomb panel.
2. Melt extrusion: heat and melt the prepared PP material through a melt extruder and extrude it outward. An extruder usually consists of a screw drive system, a heating zone and a die. During the extrusion process, by controlling the temperature, pressure and speed of the extruder and other parameters, the PP material is extruded uniformly and forms a honeycomb structure.
3. Honeycomb structure formation: During the melt extrusion process, one or more honeycomb plate forming devices are introduced. These devices are usually a pair of gear-like structures that continuously stretch and extend the extruded PP material through rotation or movement, thereby forming a dense and uniform honeycomb structure.

PP Honeycomb Panel Production Line
4. Cooling and solidification: The temperature of the honeycomb panel is rapidly lowered by the cooling system in order to solidify and maintain its shape. Cooling can be done naturally or through equipment such as coolers to accelerate the cooling process.
5. Cutting and finishing: Cut the cured honeycomb panels from the production line to the required size and shape. It is usually cut with equipment such as cutting machine, trimming machine or laser cutting machine, and the necessary finishing and trimming are carried out.
6. Inspection and packaging: inspect the produced honeycomb panels to ensure that they meet quality standards and specifications. Qualified honeycomb panels are packaged for storage, transportation and sales.

The process of PP honeycomb panel production line may vary according to the requirements of different manufacturers and products.

(1) PP Honeycomb Panel Overview:

The PP honeycomb panel is a three-layer sandwich panel formed by extrusion at one time, with thinner surface layers on both sides and a honeycomb structure in the middle; according to the structure of the honeycomb, it can be divided into single-layer panels and double-layer panels.

(2) PP Honeycomb Panel Advantages:

The PP honeycomb panel can also be formed into double-sided fabrics and skins at one time. It has the advantages of light weight, high rigidity, non-toxic, environmental protection, shock absorption and cold resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation, moisture-proof and heat insulation, etc.

(3) PP Honeycomb Panel Application Scope:

1. Applied to the trunk cover, trunk partition, trunk carpet substrate, side panel, ceiling and other interior parts of passenger cars;
2. Applied to the production of various high-strength packaging boxes.

(4) PP Honeycomb Panel Production Line Technical Parameters:

Model Applicable Raw Materials Product Width (mm) Product Thickness (mm) Extrusion Output (kg/h)
SP75/75/75 PP 1200-1600 2-12 350-450
SP100/100/100 PP 1200-2000 2-20 600-700
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