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pe pipe production line
PE Pipe Production Line
Product description

PE pipe production line equipped with barrier unit and mixing structure, and the barrel owns new style grooves. All of these offer good plastification and mixing effect. Special design of basket die head of for HDPE(PP,ABS) large diameter pipe with thick wall offer lower melting temperature, good mixing, lower pressure of cavity ,and stable production.

pe pipe production line

Pe pipe production line with special design for sizing and cooling system by using film and water ring to cool PE, which can fit for the requirement of PE.And the design can ensure the stability of diameter and roundness when producing the pipe with thick wall.

Special design vacuum sizing tank can ensure the stability of size and roundness, Speed controllers are used in extruder, haul-off to offer stability and precision.

The whole PE pipe production line adopts PLC control system and large liquid crystal screen, which makes the operation very convenient. The line can be equipped with another extruder used for extruding the mark line.

Detailed Description of PE Pipe Production Line

1.Single screw extruder, very suitable to process PE resin with high capacity, max capacity  1000kg/h

2.The production line adopts reasonable design, absorbing safe producing technology, acquiring CE certificate.

3.Diameter range is 16mm-800mm, which can be changed into inch standard to meet clients special requirement.

pe pipe extrusion machine

Technical Parameters of PE Pipe Production Line

Pipe range 16-63mm 20-110mm 75-160mm 90-250mm 110-315mm 160-450mm 315-630mm 500-800mm
Extruder ¢45mm ¢60mm ¢75mm ¢75mm ¢90mm ¢90mm ¢120mm ¢150mm
Extruder power AC30kw DC75kw DC110kw DC110kw DC160kw DC160kw DC280kw DC335kw
Extrusion  capacity 60-100kg 100-150kg 250-300kg 250-300kg 350-400kg 350-400kg 650-700kg 850-900kg
Max. Production speed 10m/min 6m/min 6 m/min 6 m/min 3 m/min 1.2m/min 0.9m/min 0.7m/min

What is PE Pipe Production Line?

Plastic pipes are created by putting melted polymer through a shaping, sizing, and cooling process. The production line includes tools to help with this process. The tools need to be of top quality with appropriate guarantees, to ensure that the production line does not face disruptions or other factors to reduce productivity. The production equipment or pipe extrusion line include extrusion die head, extruders, and calibration.

Manufacturing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqyrJUNhXwg

What can we get from the PE Pipe Production Line?

PE pipe production line offers the added benefit of sophisticated controls, to boost productivity, reduce costs, and ensure best quality. The processing can accommodate different types of materials and heads, from PVC to polyolefin and many layered heads. These include coating die heads, monolayer and multilayer die heads for polyolefin pipes and extrusion heads for processing PVC polymer. The latter are available in two sizes, and in materials such as stainless steel, and may be offered finishing in chrome or nickel. Radiator type distribution channels ensure proper flow, even feeding, and eventually, uniformity of pipe line.

pe pipe

Consulting for setting up pe pipe extrusion line offers many advantages, since the buyer can be assured of the expertise created through more than 30 years of experience. Custom designs and solutions are also offered, to ensure that the buyer gets only the best in  produce such as pe pipe extrusion line to create polymer pipe lines.


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