MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector
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MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector

MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector

Instructions for use


2.the working principle

3.technical characteristics

4.the operating instructions

5.Maintenance and overhaul

6.after sales

What is the spc floor and it's advantage?

MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector


The main features of the pulse bag type dust collector introduced by our company are as follows:

♣Standardized design, perfect quality control processing and modular assembly.

♣Low-pressure injection technology: the application of low-pressure, high-efficiency, long-life diaphragm electromagnetic pulse valve, coupled with the unique design and processing means of the blowing tube, has completely changed the cleaning method of the bag filter.

♣Detection and monitoring technology application: For the characteristics of the dust collector, advanced online detection and monitoring equipment such as dust collector operating pressure detection, material level detection and operation equipment failure detection are set.

♣The use of the PLC programmable controller ensures the dust collector as the automation of the operation of the plant operation equipment.

SPC Flooring Production Line

MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector

2.the working principle

The pulse bag type dust collector is mainly composed of an upper box body, a ash bucket, an ash conveying system and a control system. The dusty flue gas enters the ash hopper from the air inlet through the box, and some of the larger dust particles directly fall into the ash hopper due to inertial collision and natural settlement, and other dust particles rise into the bag chambers with the airflow. After being filtered by the filter bag, the dust is retained on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere from the inside of the filter bag through the bag mouth, the upper case, and the air outlet by the induced draft fan.

work flow chart:

The working principle of the blowing system:


The composition of the blowing system, one end of the pulse valve is connected to the compressed air air bag, the other end is connected to the jet pipe, and the back valve of the pulse valve is connected to the control valve. The operation of the control valve is completed by the control cabinet. When there is no signal output from the control cabinet, the movable iron core of the control valve seals the exhaust port, and the pulse valve is closed. When the control cabinet sends a signal, the control valve will pulse the valve back pressure chamber. Interacting with atmospheric pressure (pressure relief), the pulse valve is opened, and the compressed air is injected into the venturi from the air bag through the pulse valve through the small hole of the injection pipe, causing positive pressure inside the filter bag to achieve cleaning.

similarities between SPC and WPC

MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector

3.technical characteristics

MXD252 bag type pulse dust collector technical performance table

Serial number Technical performance MXD252  type
1 Handling air volume (m³/hour) 65000
2 Filtration area(㎡) 403
3 Number of filter bags (bar) 252
4 Filter bag size (diameter × length) φ130×4000
5 Filtering wind speed(m/s) 32
6 Equipment resistance(Pa) ≤2970
7 Dust removal efficiency(%) 99~99.5
8 Number of pulse valves (a) 12
10 Main frame size (mm) (length × width × height) 5275×2510×8470
11 Fan air volume (m³/h) 53434~66388
12 Fan pressure(Pa) 3040~3206
13 Reducer power (Jiangsu Guomao) 3KW
14 Unloader motor power (Jiangsu Guomao) 2.2KW


MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector

4.the operating instructions

The pulse bag type dust collector is very simple to operate, and the control cabinet activates the fan, screw conveyor, unloader and pulse with one button.

Keep the host device in a normal state and keep it stable. The operation of the precipitator should be closely observed at the beginning of the startup.

When the precipitator is stopped, the screw conveyor and the unloader can be turned off after 25 minutes of normal operation.

MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector

5.Maintenance and overhaul:

1.The dust collector should be set up by a special person for management;

2.Record the dust cleaning and unloading times of the dust collector, fault conditions, etc.;

3.All parts requiring refueling should be inspected regularly and refueled;

4.The gas storage tank and the gas-water separator should be regularly discharged and cleaned regularly;

5.Regularly check the working condition of the pulse blowing system, such as the wearing parts such as solenoid valves, and replace them in time if there is damage.

The shut-off valve should be closed before replacement to discharge the compressed air in the air bag to prevent accidents;

6.Regularly check the use of the blowing pipe to check whether the position needs to be corrected;

7.Regularly check the sealing of all inspection doors. If the sealing strips are aging, replace them in time;

8.The filter bag is vulnerable, and the damaged filter bag should be replaced in time. If the outlet is found to be ash, it indicates that the filter bag has been damaged. At this time, the fan is stopped first, the upper case is opened, the damaged filter bag is detected, and the replacement is performed. Before inserting the filter bag, remove the ash from the perforated plate to prevent the interface between the interface and the perforated plate from leaking, and the injection tube must be fixed after replacement.

9.When the bag room is inspected, it is not allowed to be welded in the bag room. The bag room is strictly prohibited from smoking.


MXD252 type Galvanized module pulse bag type dust collector

6.after sales:

1.After the pulse bag filter is sold, the company is responsible for one year warranty (Note: except for man-made damage).

2.The company is regularly inspected by the professional responsible person for the dust collector sold during the warranty period.

3.After the dust collector is used for one year, if there is any need for maintenance, the company will send technicians to on-site inspection within 24 hours after receiving the customer’s notice (only labor and replacement parts will be charged).

4.The company is responsible for the product life-long maintenance work for the user, and can design, manufacture and install the dust collector for the customer, and undertake the pneumatic dust removal and conveying system transformation of the woodworking and wood-based panel production line. Welcome customers to contact us.


Thank you for purchasing our company’s products. In order to ensure your correct use, please read our company’s product manual carefully.

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