Integration of ground and wall: the next outlet of flooring industry
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Integration of ground and wall: the next outlet of flooring industry

SPC flexible floor: the industry power point under the epidemic situation   

What is ground wall integration? This is no longer a new concept.

“As early as 2008, flooring has begun to be used on walls. After more than ten years of iterative updating, Starsplas has developed from an extended “wall” product to a “ground wall integration” space solution.


It is understood that the integrated products of ground and wall cover solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor, laminate floor and SPC elastic floor. It is worth noting that as a new environmental protection material, the thickness of SPC elastic floor is only 3.5-6 mm, compared with the traditional floor and wallboard up to 20 mm, SPC elastic floor is very “thin”.SPC elastic floor, as the name implies, SPC floor texture is soft and elastic, and can recover well under the impact of heavy objects, so it is called “floor soft gold”.


Some research data show that, after paving excellent SPC floor in the space with large flow of people, the rate of people falling down and injured can be reduced by nearly 70% compared with ceramic tile and other land conditions. In recent years, in public places with high public safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc., SPC floor is a popular ground decoration material.


During the epidemic period, disinfectant water and detergent were frequently used, and their corrosivity brought new challenges to home decoration. Antibacterial and anti-corrosion materials for home decoration became a new exploration direction.


In addition, SPC elastic floor also has the advantages of zero formaldehyde, waterproof and fireproof, moisture-proof and wear-resistant, and has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance.


In terms of development, “SPC is widely used in the United States, and it is still in the promotion stage in China. The advantages of this product lie in its convenient installation and no formaldehyde pollution. It can save construction time and shorten the delivery period to the greatest extent. It creates higher value for merchants virtually, so the demand for business is large.”

Is the wall on the floor the next outlet?


According to the speculation of insiders, the promotion of the integration of ground and wall may bring new challenges to traditional categories such as ceramic tiles. In the future, the floor and wall panels will be likely to seize the market share of ceramic tiles.


For domestic peers, the integration of ground and wall is a new option, and Starsplas hopes that the whole industry will participate in it.


In fact, in western countries such as Europe and the United States, the integration of ground and wall is not a new term. In this regard, Starsplas related people said: “the healthy development of any industry can’t rely on one or two leading brands. We try to promote the whole industry to build a common trust alliance and realize the same frequency resonance at the level of consumer education.”


For dealers, how to retain customers? It is reported that in order to provide a variety of personalized customization, nature home will promote the integration of ground and wall, and provide customers with more on-the-spot VR and AR scene experience to help consumers choose their own home decoration style.




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