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Product description


JZRL series mixing unit is mainly used in mixing,drying,coloring process of all kinds of plastics. It is sturdy and durable, its operation is convenient and the structure is compact. The unit can meet the technological requirements of plastics and is ideal equipment for all kinds of plastics products industry.

Main technical parameter

Model JZRL500/1000
Specification Hot-mixer Cool mixer
Total volume (L) 500 1000
Effective volume (L) 375 640
Agitating blade (pieces) 3pcs/1set 1pc/1set
Rotation of agitating bade (r/min) 475/950

(without Inverter)

Heating medium Electric/ internal friction N/A
Cooling method N/A Water
Cooling medium N/A 5.6T/h
Mixing time(min/batch) 6-15
Cooling time 15
Motor model Four/Six poles Four poles
Motor power(kw) 55/75 11
Rotation of motor(r/min) 0~1480 1450
                 Electric control section
Power source (V) 380V/50Hz/3Phase
Air source (MPa) 0.4-0.6
Dimensions(mm) 4400x2480x2900
weight(kg) 4500
Unit Price($) 15,800

Main structure characteristics

1.The pot is made of stainless steel .Good heating and cooling performance.

2.Pot lid is cast with aluminum alloy, the inside surface passed through fine finishing and polishing. Two opening methods respectively: cylinder jack-up and manual operation.

3.The conduit column is used for adjusting the mixing result. The conduit column has the streamline surface and it influences the circulation of material. The best position of conduit column depends on the material; the conduit column has been fixed in the barrel wall before the products are formed. The thermal couple in the conduit column can reflect the temperature of material on the temperature controller of electric control box to control the auto-discharging.

4.Agitating blades are made of stainless steel,they have passed the test of dynamic balance and static balance.

5.The sealing device of main axes is made up of four oil-seals, and the sealing chamber has an air-blowing device to cool main axes and prevent material from leaking.

6.The chamber of cold-mixer use water to cool the material discharged by hot-mixer. The blades adopt flat base and rotate at low speed and the material is driven to rotate slowly so that can be cooled quickly and evenly. In order to control the temperature of material, the inside wall of the barrel is placed a thermal couple and is controlled by a temperature controller placed in electric control box.

7.The transmission section of cool-mixer is driven by motor through adjustable V-belt and transfers to main axes through reducer casing, make the agitating blades rotate and also cool and mix the hot-mixed material.

8.The discharging part is made of casting aluminum alloy and equipped with a pneumatic discharging valve,sealing function is good and open is flexible.

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