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UL Standard SPC Flooring Extrusion Solution FAT Testing
Product description

Location: Starsplas, Shanghai,China

Date: 10th,Jan,2019

FAT Testing about SPC Flooring Extrusion Solution  is successfully finished on  10th,Jan,2019.

Debugging and running test of two lines were taken successfully in one day.  we’re appreciated for the support from StarsPlas partners and all the service from our suppliers.


The preparation work StarsPlas has done for the FAT testing


What is SPC rigid core flooring extrusion line

Extrusion is the critical processing in the SPC Rigid Core Flooring production.

The excellent flatness is the basic requirements for the UV coating and Click profiling production.

The temperature controlling will decide if the decorative film will be color changed or crumpled on the surface.

The formulation is the guarantee for the click profile quality and installation performance.


Let`s introduce the detail production process as below:

Materials Loading → Plasticizing → Deco Film & Wear Layer Combining → Calibration by 4-Calanders → Double Side Trimming → Cooling (Water cooling & Air cooling ) → Haul-off  → Cutting  → Transfer Arm → Stacking;

1,Materials Loading

StarsPlas never do manual loading, that is 100% not accepted in China, the powder is everywhere even just during 6 hours’ testing, for the testing we buy the pre-mixed materials from a SPC mixing system supplier. Please visit us at http://www.starsplas.com/mix-solution-for-rigid-core-plank-production/ for more full automatic mixing solution of SPC vinyl plank.


Plasticize sets include the parallel twin screw eextruder and extrusion T-die mould, as the crucial and key part of the line, the excellent and stable performance of make this FAT test successfully completed.

3,Decorative Film&Wear Layer Combining

With the help of calibration gauge the decorative film and wear layer can be combined perfectly to ensure the excellent SPC flooring surface performance. For more details of the decorative film trend, pls visit http://www.starsplas.com/vinyl-decorative-film-for-spc-pvc-wpc-flooring-tiles/

4,Calibration by 4-Roller Calender

Mould doesn’t decide the last thickness of the SPC rigid core flooring, calender does. The 2 rollers on the top control the thickness of the flooring tile, another 2 rollers on the bottom emboss the SPC flooring tile surface making it more woody.

5, Double Sides Trimming

Two sides trimming to the final width of the SPC flooring. Normally the width comes out from the calenders is 1000mm, after trimmed is 985-987mm.

6, Cooling Sytem(Water cooling&Air Cooling)

The SPC extrusion line equipped with 4 fans and a water connection joint. If the temperature of the working environment is below 20 degree. Like the fall and winter in most countries, 4 fans working at the same time can meet the cooling demand.  if the temperature is above 20 degree, the water connection joint works. Normally there are 2 water cooling methods. one is building a water tank together with a cooling tower, the power is around 2.5 KW and its actual working time is 7 months a year. Another method is purchasing a chiller, the power is 30KW and its its actual working time is 5 months a year.

6, Haul-off

The SPC flooring tile is haul to the cutting system.

7, Cutting

Precision cutting makes the SPC flooring edge is perfect,minimum cutting burr.

8, Transfer Arm&Stacking

Each SPC flooring tile is transferred and stacked automatically. Worth to be mentioned, the photoelectricity in the transfer arm can react to a steel pallet. And forklift operator will receive the alarm as soon as the flooring load reaches 0.5-1t.




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