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conical twin-screw for spc floor
Product description

What is conical twin-screw?

A conical screw compressor is a new design of air or gas compressor developed by Vert Rotors in 2013. The conical screw compressor consists of two compressing elements: the male conical screw revolving inside the female conical screw, which effectively acts like a housing. In comparison, twin-screw compressors consist of three main compressing elements, the male and the female screws revolving side-by-side inside the housing.

conical twin-screw for spc floor

Conical Twin-Screw for SPC Floor has advantages such as forced extruding, high quality, wide adaptability, long working life, low shearing speed, hard decomposition, good compounding& plasticization effect, and direct shaping of powder material and etc.

Conical twin-screw extruder is suitable for matching with production line of plastic pipe, plate and profile and etc.

How many common Conical Twin-Screws for SPC Floor?

SPC Floor

In our SPC floor industry, there are 3 common types of conical twin-screws used by:80/156, 92/188 and 110/200.

How to produce SPC floor, you can know more through this passage:

PVC Flooring Extrusion Machine

These conical twin-screws’ base material is 38CrMoAL, the whole surface of screw is titanium coated, the advantage of this technical is titanium coated screw have much higher hardness, brightness and wear resistance, reduce the stickness of material while production and increase the working life.

Technical Parameters of 3 Conical Twin-Screw:

conical twin-screw for spc floor

About 110/200 for SPC Floor, there exists much more information:


Conical Twin-Screw for SPC Floor gives you all the advantages you need:

spc floor

1.A complete conical twin screw extruder line with outputs ranging from 25 to 2,500 lbs/hr.

2.Advanced computerized twin screw design and manufacturing technology for custom designs tailored to meet your specific processing needs.

3.Large volume intake for effective conveying of fluffy materials, and efficient, uniform heat transmission to the material.

4.Natural compression, with large volume feed zone continuously tapering to small volume discharge.

5.Small diameter discharge providing less rotational shear and greater positive pumping characteristics as the material exits the extruder and enters the die.

6.Microprocessor based control or discrete control system available at the same price.

7.If you’re after greater processing, production and profitability, no other extruder can deliver like the conical twin screw extruder.

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