Is back under-layer indispensable for SPC flooring?
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Is back under-layer indispensable for SPC flooring?

You want a beautiful, durable, stylish flooring product at the best possible price for your new construction or remodel project. Your space needs flooring that is dent-resistant, waterproof, naturally antibacterial and does not require potentially toxic industrial glue to install it. And of course, you want it at the best price possible. Stone plastic composite will be the answer you are looking for.

The answer? Stone plastic composite!

Stone plastic composite flooring, also known as luxury vinyl planking, is a mix of a vinyl base blended with ground limestone. The addition of limestone helps the flooring be dent resistant (ideal for heavy furniture!) and impervious to heavy traffic. It also makes the flooring a stiffer product, which is why it doesn’t require glue. The rigid core allows the planking to click together in such a way that it can be dropped in place without needing smelly glue! It’s perfect for remodels because the rest of the space can be used without interruption.



That luxury vinyl planking has properties that make it ideal for a variety of environments, including pet daycare centers, childcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, residential rentals and more. It can actually reduce maintenance costs because it’s so easy to clean! Spills don’t require expensive professional cleaning – just a mop or cloth and the right cleaning solution!

SPC flooring works everywhere! It’s available in a variety of colors and aesthetics, from ultra-modern looks to traditional stone and wood-like finishes. It’s perfect for your home or business!

So… does SPC flooring have any drawbacks?

That depends on the application. Because it’s a rigid core flooring product, as opposed to having a flexible core, SPC can provide a louder environment than a luxury vinyl tile option that is glued into place. Both luxury vinyl tile and stone plastic composite flooring can be applied over concrete, plywood or other existing flooring. But depending on that surface, SPC that is clicked together and dropped into place can create a louder environment than LVT. The volume of traffic in the area makes a difference as well.


So if you’re going to install SPC flooring in a busy area such as a shopping mall or a high school hallway, over bare concrete, you might experience a louder environment than you would with another type of flooring. Thankfully, there’s an easy answer that allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of SPC flooring and avoid the sound issue: an underlayment.

Laying a sound-absorbing product before applying your SPC flooring guarantees you a better acoustic experience while still enjoying the beauty, durability and affordability of luxury vinyl planking in your business or home. Yes, that’s a small additional cost in both labor and materials, but for the right application, it’s worth the investment.

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