Automatic bag emptying system
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Automatic bag emptying system


As the price of Labour rises, the “demographic dividend” from China’s manufacturing sector is disappearing.Modernized and automated equipment promotes traditional industries and promotes technological dividend to replace demographic dividend, which has become the inevitable choice for enterprise optimization and upgrading and sustained economic growth.It has become an inevitable trend to comprehensively promote the implementation of “machine replacement” in the existing industries, especially in labor-intensive enterprises with obvious characteristics of repetitive labor, high labor intensity and certain risks, and to achieve the goal of “reducing staff, increasing efficiency, improving quality and ensuring safety”.

Automatic bag emptying machine

Automatic bag emptying machine

Scope of application:

RJ-1000 Automatic Packing and Unpacking Machine is suitable for unpacking and ununloading of all kinds of bagged materials (powder and granule materials). Compared with manual unpacking and unpacking, it has the advantages of reducing labor force, improving efficiency, eliminating dust pollution, safety and convenience.Material into the destacking platform, unloading stamping institutions can grab the whole layer bag bag, step by step and then move to the discharge area, in the process of moving through a row of knife set of the packing bag of the material cut, material falls into the storage hopper, and through the filter box screen out produced in the process of cutting bag woven silk, waste bag by waste bag collection agencies complete waste bag automatically collected, widely used in fertilizer, chemical industry, fodder, industrial ingredients, food, foundry, solid waste treatment, waste treatment and other industries.

Principle of Equipment:

Code good woven material tray by forklift placed in hydraulic lift, lifting device will code good material tray to be caught, lift the bag after caught device to the torn bags device (5-6 packages/times), after the broken bag fell to the hopper of material, screening device for broken bag of a longitudinal transverse screening to ensure that the material and packing bag from completely separated, the material into the bin can measure according to the requirement, air separation after delivery to the specified location.After emptying, the woven bag is collected and compressed by the bag picking device to the waste bag compression collector.After the material pallets are emptied, they are collected by the pallet collector. This process only requires the material pallets on the forklift and the recovery pallet stack.Dust generated in the process of unpacking is collected by the dust removal system of the equipment, and no dust spillover in the process of unloading meets the environmental protection requirements.

Bag emptying

Bag emptying

Equipment parameters:

Handling capacity: 1000-1200 bags/hour (depending on material flow, etc.)

Bag weight: 25Kg-50Kg/bag

Machine power: about 25KW (two stacks and one collection with dust removal fan)

Main structure

Main structure

Main equipment and functions:


1.The main body

The main body adopts advanced robot technology, complete the whole feeding process by the robot hand, a frame, walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, hand mechanism, protective mechanism and other components, the use of electro-optic sensors, pneumatic transmission and control technology, electromechanical integration and other technologies.


Claw fall prevention;Hand claw position display;Material automatic leveling;System overload protection;Automatic bag removal, etc.

2. The silo

The silo is made of special alloy steel, with sharp and lasting cutting edge, smooth and without burr edge, and the design window is convenient to observe the internal situation.


Compound cleaning bag;Automatic detection of loading and unloading level;Frequency conversion control;Anti-stick bag device, etc

3.Waste bag collection

Waste bags Collect and place the empty bags after feeding, keep the site clean and tidy, fully sealed.


Automatic detection of material bag position;The material bag is pushed without shaft.

4. Control unit

The control unit is composed of control cabinet, control components and so on. The control of the whole system is realized through industrial controller.The industrial touch screen is used as the human-computer interface.


Operator record, production count function, production information function, system status display, operating status display, equipment failure alarm, maintenance tips, etc.

Production site

Production site

5. Power:

a. Lifting device: 3KW

b. Grabbing walking device: 2.2KW

c. Waste bag collection device: 3KW

d. dust collector: 2.2KW*1

e. Pallet roller conveyor 1:3KW

f. Lifting roller conveyor: 3KW

g. Tray collector: 2.2KW

h. electrical appliances and other accessories: about 2KW

Voltage: 220 v / 380 v

Pressure: 0.6 MPa

Equipment material: frame Q235, material contact part 304 stainless steel.

For More videos about bag emptying system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foZ788qiD0k&t=17s

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