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XIGL Company Information:

XIGL located in Jiangsu Wuxi, China is a machine manufacturer for Vinyl Wall Panels and Floors.

Wuxi Ganlan(XIGL)is the leading producer of Extrusion Machine included PVC/WPC Laminating Wall Panels, PVC/WPC/SPC Floors.

In fact, XIGL is ONLY producing the Extrusion Machine in Qianzhou industry zone.In order to give our customer full package solution project,we will combine with other suppliers when necessary.

We prefer to spend more time to integrate the whole system to avoid any risk for our customer project.

XIGL team was developed since 1994 and founded the new company Wuxi Ganlan Machinery in 2006 as PVC extruder and PVC extrusion production line manufacturer.In the Spring of 2008, A 160,000sq.ft modern workshop was established in Qianzhou Industry Zone,this is the 2nd largest PVC extrusion machine manufacture factory in China.In 2016, Ganlan(XIGL) gained a leadership position as the largest PVC Laminating Wall Panel Producer in China.

XIGL invested some final products factories, like PVC Wall Panel factory, SPC Flooring factory, in that way, we can better understanding the marketing, and improve the machine from the production side, and service better final products to our customer since many of them would like to import products before invest the machine for production.

XIGL Team would like to share our experience in production, machine and marketing with our great preferred guest.


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