7 Steps to Identify the Quality of the SPC Click Lock Floor
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7 Steps to Identify the Quality of the SPC Click Lock Floor

SPC click-lock floor is a new type of decorating material. It carries excellent waterproof performance, high durability, and a convenient click-lock system. In recent years, the SPC floor has become very popular among customers. Many families and companies have chosen it. However, not all the SPC floors share the same quality. It varies in quality, depending on the brands and manufacturers. So, when selecting the SPC floor, you must pay special attention to its quality. It has a significant impact on the health and safety of your life and work. So, today, I will introduce you seven methods to identify the quality of the SPC floor. Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you.

7.PVC print film

7.PVC print film


To identify the SPC click-lock floor’s quality from its color, we should mainly look at the color of the base material. The pure material’s color is beige, while the mixture is gray, cyan, and white. If the base material is made of recycled material, it will be gray or black. So, from the color of the base material, you can know their cost difference.

SPC floor display3

SPC floor display3


If the SCP click-lock floor’s base material is made of pure material, it will feel delicate and moisturized. In comparison, recyclable materials or mixed materials will feel dry and rough. Also, you can click two pieces of the floor together and touch it to feel the flatness. The high-quality floor would feel very smooth and flat while the low-quality one doesn’t.



Only the worst floor would have a little smell. Most of the recycled and mixed materials can manage to be odor-free.


Light Transmittance

Put the flashlight against the floor to test its light transmittance. Pure material has good light transmittance while the mixture and recycled material is not transparent or have bad light transmittance.



If possible, you’d better measure the thickness of the floor by caliper or micrometer. And it is within the normal range if the actual thickness is 0.2 mm thicker than the standard thickness. For example, if the legal manufacturers’ floor according to the production standards is marked 4.0 mm, the measuring result should be around 4.2 because the final result includes the thickness of the wear-resistant layer and UV layer. If the measuring result is 4.0 mm, then the actual thickness of the base material is 3.7-3.8mm. This is commonly known as jerry-built manufacture. And you can imagine what would this kind of manufacturers do in the producing process you can’t see.


Break the click-lock structure

Wrest the tongue and groove structure at the edge of the floor. For low-quality flooring, this structure would break off even if you don’t use too much strength. But for flooring made of pure material, the tongue and groove structure would not be broke off so easily.



This test is not that easy to carry on. You need to collect different samples from different merchants and do the combing at the corner. Then, you need to tear the print layer off from the base material to test its adhesive level. This adhesive level determines whether the floor will curl up in its usage. The adhesive level of pure new material is the highest. However, it is fine if you can’t carry on with this test. Through the methods we mentioned before, you can still identify the quality of the SPC click-lock floor. For the high-quality one who passed all the tests, its adhesive level is also guaranteed.


Where to Buy SPC Click-lock Floor?

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