Can PVC stone plastic flooring be used for home decoration?
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Can PVC stone plastic flooring be used for home decoration?

PVC stone plastic flooring is a kind of stone plastic floor. Its main component is: “natural stone powder” is added with “vinyl resin”. Which has super abrasion resistance and impact resistance, and has strong elastic recovery ability against heavy object impact.

Advantages of PVC stone plastic floor:

The wear-resistant layer on the surface of the stone plastic floor has special non-slip properties. And has the characteristics of becoming astringent when exposed to water. At the same time, the waterproof and moisture-proof ability is also top-notch, as long as it is not damaged by water for a long time.

The stone plastic floor also has good fire resistance and flame retardant performance. But the ignited cigarette butts on the floor will not burn but will leave a yellow mark that is not easy to remove. However, the flame retardant performance of composite flooring is not inferior.

Stone plastic floor has good acid and alkali resistance.

In terms of appearance, the stone-plastic floor has a wide variety of designs and colors. And the high-end products are as vivid as carpets, emphasizing the graceful, luxurious, elegant and fresh aesthetic effect.

Disadvantages of PVC stone plastic floor:

The disadvantage of the stone plastic floor is that the splicing cannot be seamlessly connected like the coiled pvc floor. And there is no softness of the coiled floor in terms of foot feel. The stone plastic floor has fire-retardant characteristics, such as when cigarette butts are still on the ground. It is not hot, but there will be yellowing and scalding marks. At this time, the floor of this place can only be replaced. The coiled pvc floor can be polished off with a sander, and it will show the same as the newly installed after applying wax.

Stone-plastic flooring is a new type of high-tech floor decoration material. Although it has been popular in Europe and America for decades, it is still just emerging in China. The development prospect depends on the domestic market demand. However, if the selection is improper, inferior stone plastic flooring may be harmful to the human body. Inferior stone plastic floor has a strange smell. Because its production process does not strictly follow the laws of science and technology, inferior stone plastic flooring will emit unpleasant irritating odors. And harmful gases will exceed the standard, which will stimulate the human nasal mucosa, retina, respiratory tract, internal organs, and nervous system. Which will seriously affect the human body’s nasal mucosa, retina, respiratory tract, internal organs, and nervous system.

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