Why do children’s education love to use PVC plastic floor?
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Why do children’s education love to use PVC plastic floor?

When we choose the kindergarten floor, we need to compare the following points:

1、Environmental protection, whether it is kindergarten or children’s room.

2、Anti-skid, kindergarten floor anti-skid is particularly important, now the basic every family is a child. If the child fell in the school, bruise is not serious good, serious words is a very troublesome thing.

PVC floor compared with wood floor:

Wood floor because of the special production process. It is necessary to add formaldehyde, and marble is easy to have radiation. Ceramic tile makes the child catch a cold easily because of the limitation of the material, especially in winter, cold dip bone. Naughty children climb on it, cold imperceptibly into the body, it is easy to get sick. Some places for children choose to use pure wool floor paving, this practice is not scientific. Because carpets are easy to hide dirt and dirt, and a variety of chemical fiber blankets can cause allergic reactions in some children. Bumping season, carpet will breed mites and other parasites, easy to make children suffer from respiratory diseases.

The advantage of PVC flooring relative to other flooring is that his raw materials are highly environmental friendly, do not contain any radiation, no formaldehyde, benzene and so on. At the same time also carried out a special UV layer treatment, antifouling, antibacterial, no dust. Will not become any pollution source of pollutant accumulation. Even if the child crawls on it and the skin touches the ground, parents and kindergarten teachers need not worry too much.

The PVC rubber floor of children kind uses foaming buffer layer design, the foot feels comfortable. The maximum buffer children in the take-off landing impact, fully protect the child’s ankle, knee and other body parts. Children are running and jumping on this floor, climbing and making noises, even when they hit it, it hurts a little but it doesn’t hurt.

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