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WPC is made of wood powder, bamboo chips, rice husk, and other natural fiber materials and refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride and other supplemented with a variety of functional agents through molding and molding extrusion of new building materials.  Mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics packaging and other industries.  

WPC products have a history of nearly decades in Europe and the United States. In North America, the advantages of WPC products have attracted a lot of funds from the governments, research institutions, military and enterprises in the United States and Canada.  There are more than 100 companies and research institutions in the United States specializing in the manufacture of wood-plastic products. And an entire industry has formed from research, raw material collection, equipment manufacturing, mold and marketing.  It is also growing rapidly in Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore.  The product quality is good, the science and technology content is high. The industrialization manufacture, the application scope is wide, the variety is many, the scale is large.  

In recent years, WPC, as a new material with great advantages in environmental protection, collection of advantages of wood and plastic, and compliance with national policies, has been used in decoration, building materials, packaging, transportation and other industries in China.


1. Wood-plastic materials and their products have the advantages of wood and plastic.  

Durable, long service life, wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic products, strong rigidity. Can resist strong acid and alkali, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and do not breed bacteria, not easy to be moth eaten, not long fungus, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, water absorption is small, good flame retardant, zero formaldehyde, no pollution, good anti-enzyme sterilization, can be used for more than 20 years in the outdoor environment under normal circumstances.  

2. Good processing characteristics.  

It can be used for sawing, planing, turning, cutting, nailing, drilling and grinding, and its holding power is obviously better than other synthetic materials.  It can also be bonded, painted and other secondary processing to facilitate the production of a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness of the products, to provide a variety of design, color and wood grain products.  

3. High strength of internal combination  

Because the composite contains polyester, it has a good modulus of elasticity.  In addition, due to the inclusion of wood fiber and resin curing, thus with hardwood equivalent compressive, impact resistance and other physical and mechanical properties, and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials.  Long service life, low price, economic and practical, and has excellent water resistance, corrosion resistance.  

4. Good modeling stability  

The size and shape of wood plastic products will not produce cracks, cracks, not easy warping deformation, no knot, twill, color spots, enzyme spots and other defects of wood.  

5. High production efficiency  

The material has the characteristics of thermoplastic molding processing, short molding cycle, less processing procedures, easy to be popularized and applied.  

6. Adjustable performance is excellent  

Through the additives, the resin can be polymerized, foamed, solidified, modified and other changes, so as to change the density, strength and other characteristics of wood plastic materials, but also to achieve anti-aging, anti-static, flame retardant and other special requirements.  

7. Can be recycled  

WPC composites can be reused, recycled and biodegradable, which can protect forest resources and ecological environment. It is a new environment-friendly material in the new century.  

8. Wooden appearance decoration effect is good  

Its feel is very like wood, the warmth of wood is different from the cold feeling of plastic, and the high-quality wood plastic material can also send out the fragrance of wood.  

9. Green environmental protection  

With the development of wood-plastic composite, a new type of environmental protection material, its good performance is gradually recognized by users, is good to replace wood with plastic, plastic instead of steel new environmental protection material.  

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Equipment Intruduction Of The Whole Plant

1. Mixer

2.Parallel twin-screw granulation production line

3.Conical twin-screw wood – plastic profile production line


5.Embossing Machine


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