How to use one crusher–An Introduction to Crusher
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How to use one crusher–An Introduction to Crusher

Chapter one — Purpose

F B crusher, hammer structure, has the characteristics of stable operation and high production efficiency.

Chapter two — Main technical parameters

A. Host

feed conveying width: 1400 mm

feed port size: 1400*80 mm

number of upper press roller: 2

motor power of upper press roller: 3 KW

the number of lower roller: 1

feeding speed: 2900 mm/s

lower conveyor belt width: 1195 mm

lower conveyor belt speed: 16.7 m/min

lower conveyor belt motor power: 2.2 KW

main motor power: 75 KW

crushing speed: 912 r/min

screen mesh aperture: φ16 mm

production capacity: 5 tons

equipment weight: 6 tons

B. Secondary conveying device

the length of the frame:  3800 mm*2400 mm;

conveyor belt width: 820 mm;

conveyor belt motor: 3 KW;

Storage bin (optional), pedal pneumatic discharging device (optional), ton bag shelf (optional)

transition bucket

Chapter three — Structure characteristics and working principle

The structure diagram of F B crusher is shown in the following figure

operating principle

F B crusher on the left side of the flat part of the inlet into the crushing chamber, under high-speed operation of the hammer blow, in under the action of centrifugal force, so the broken material along the outer limits of the rotor, the period for the hammer, tooth plate, mesh extrusion, collision, crack, rub and quickly shattered, shredded powder grain fall through the sieve to compartment material sent outside, not through the screen mesh powder repeat the above process.

Users to the material size of different needs, can be replaced by different aperture screen to achieve.According to different fineness requirements of finished products, arbitrary adjustment.

Chapter four — Installation and adjustment

The working place of the mill should be open, ventilated and have enough retreat space, and equipped with reliable fire extinguishing equipment.

hammer replacement, the corresponding two groups of quality difference shall not be greater than 50 grams, use for a period of time, hammer wear, need to be replaced in time to avoid material accumulation inside, in order to ensure the balance of the rotor, prevent machine vibration, all the hammer must be replaced.

Sieving slice adjustment: according to the requirements of grinding fineness selection of Sieving slice mesh, Sieving slice in wear or broken, need to replace the new screen in time.

The hammer arrangement of the mill is as follows:

Chapter five — Operation cautions

Before starting the machine, the operator should read this manual carefully, understand the structure of the machine, and be familiar with the performance and operation method of the machine.

Adjustment and maintenance should be carried out according to the instructions before starting the machine.Check whether the fasteners are tightened at the same time;Under the condition of ensuring man-machine safety, the machine can be started, and the material can be fed after the abnormal sound of empty operation for 2-3 minutes.

Feeding should be uniform, not more or less, overload feeding is strictly prohibited, and the motor should be guaranteed to work under rated current.

If abnormal sound is found during work, stop the machine immediately for inspection. Troubleshooting is strictly prohibited when the machine is running.

After the machine maintenance, close the upper casing, align the upper and lower casing, lock the fixing bolts, and then start the machine. The spindle is required to rotate flexibly, and the machine can not be started until there is no jam, rub, impact and other abnormal sound.

special attention

*Feeding raw materials must be plate, width less than 1350 mm, thickness less than 20 mm, otherwise cause damage to the machine and screen, speed up the wear of hammer.

*Check the wear of the hammer regularly, whether the split pin is broken, and replace the vulnerable parts in time when the wear is serious. The power must be cut off when the replacement is made, and the upper shell is not allowed to be opened under the condition of operation.

*After each shift is finished, the machine must be run empty for a few minutes, the remaining material is pumped clean, then it can be stopped, and the spindle bearing is lubricated;

Chapter six — Repair, maintenance and trouble shooting

Repair and maintenance

in strict accordance with the operation method, each shift should do the necessary inspection and cleaning work.

When the machine works for about 4000 hours, the bearing should be cleaned once and the new grease should be replaced.

machine parts damaged or serious wear, should be repaired or replaced in time, the repaired rotor should be into action, static balance check.

If the downtime is long, the material in the machine should be cleaned to avoid rust and blockage of screen holes.

When the machine is parked for a long time, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place with moisture-proof facilities.

Troubleshooting of the host machine

Fault phenomenon Failure cause Elimination methods
Difficulty in motor starting 1. The voltage is too low

2. The cross-sectional area of the wire is too small

1.Avoid peak electricity consumption before starting

2.Replace the corresponding cross-sectional area of the wire




Weak motor overheating



1. motor two-phase operation

1. motor winding short circuit

2. long-term overload operation


1. Switch on the resistance, three-phase operation

2. Repair the motor

3. Operation under rated load



Abnormal noise in the crushing room



1, iron, stone and other hard objects into the machine

2. Machine parts fall off or are damaged

1. Stop clear hard objects

2. Stop the machine for inspection and replace the parts






The crusher vibrates strongly



1. The hammer is installed incorrectly

2. The weight difference between the two groups of hammer pieces is too large

3. Individual hammer pieces are stuck without being flung off

4. Spindle bending

5. Bearing damage

6. Rotor imbalance


1. Re-check the installation hammer (arrangement diagram)

2. Readjust the weight of each group of hammer pieces

3. Make the hammer rotate flexibly

4. Straighten or replace a new shaft

5. Replace the bearing

6. Gentle rotor


Decline in productivity

1. Motor power is insufficient

2. The hammer piece is seriously worn

3, raw material feeding uneven

4. The raw material size is too large


1. Repair the motor

2. Turn around and use or replace the new hammer

3. Feeding evenly

4.Reduce feeding or stop cleaning



Backjet at feed port



1. The feeding size is too large


1. Open and clean the movable board


The finished product too thick



1. Hammer wear is serious or wear

2. The screen is damaged

1. Replace the hammer

2. Replace the screen




Bearing running hot

1. Grease is too much or too small or bad

2. Bearing damage

3.Spindle bending or rotor imbalance

4. Long-term overwork


1.Replace the grease, and refueling according to the provisions

2. Replace the new bearing

3. Straighten the spindle, balance the rotor

4. Reduce the amount of feeding


Belt fever 1. Improper belt tightness

2. Belt groove damage


1. Adjust the tightness

2. Repair or replacement

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