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SPC Waterproof Flooring Extrusion Line
110mm Flooring Extrusion Line

PVC waterproof flooring production machine is made up of extruder, T-die extrusion, floor-roller calender, drawer, cutter and automatic lifting.

Product description

110mm Flooring Extrusion Line is made up of extruder, T-die extrusion, floor-roller calender, drawer, cutter and automatic lifting. Different from LVT and WPC flooring production machine, PVC color film, wear layer and PVC substrate can be one-time heating pasted by 110mm Flooring Extrusion Line. The products produce by the machine are semi-finished products. Here we discuss about 110mm Flooring Extrusion Line with 110/200 extruder.


110mm Flooring Extrusion Line


Lifetime of screw and barrel: Less than 2months, 110mm need to changeover the screw and barrel while 92mm extruder need 3months.

Cost of screw and barrel: 28,000$/pair for 110MM screw and barrel, While 92mm just cost 15,000$/set;

You will pay 28000×6-15000×4=108,000$/year



High output capacity, 1set of 110mm output is 169% of 92mm

Items 92mm 110mm Comparison
Capacity per month 325 547 1.69
Cost of Materials 118,333 196,350 1.66
Production cost / Ton 365 359 0.98
Power Cost 200 300 1.50
Screw & Barrel Cost 13,500 27,500 2.04
Output difference 222Ton/month 2,664Ton/year
Power difference 100kw/hr 68,976$/year

Save Labor, both of 92mm or 110mm need 3workers/shift, so labor is another concerning for extrusion

What`s investment cost for Standard 110MM FLOOR MACHINE ?

To produce finished product- PVC waterproof flooring:

110mm Flooring Extrusion Line combines with mixing machine, UV coating machine, automatic cutting & slotting machine, foam layer laminating machine(optional), recycling machine, automatic packing machine for making the final product.

No. Commodity Unit price
1 Automatic Mixing System $350,000
2 110mm Flooring Extrusion Line $280,000
3 UV coating machine $158,000
4 Automatic cutting & slotting machine $265,000
5 Backside Pad laminating machine $75,000
6 Automatic Recycling machine $115,000
7 Automatic packing machine $280,000

If all of the machine requires CE or UL standard, please contact with us: [email protected]

What benefit can bring from 110MM Extrusion Line?

110mm Flooring Extrusion Line

PVC waterproof flooring cost by brand, the profit per sqft could be $4~6 sqft, normally the investment could be return within 1st year.

Brand name Average cost by Sqft
Flooring Inc $1.38
USFloors $3.84
Mannington $4.23
Shaw $2.55
Bolyu $2.88
Mohawk $1.76
Beaulieu $3.64
Tarkett $1.15


PVC waterproof flooring trends:

PVC Waterproof Flooring

 1. Wood-look flooring. This is usual design. Wood-look flooring in laminate, vinyl tile has been popular for years now. Actually, it’s been the number one flooring trend 2 years in a row now, with no end in sight.

 2. Waterproof flooring. Tile was really your only waterproof flooring option many years. But! It’s 2018 – that means you can now purchase waterproof vinyl, laminate and even carpet. This new feature is a dream for busy homeowners, families and pet owners.

 3. Textured flooring. Mimicking classic hardwood, you’ll see hand scraped, wire brushed and fully distressed floors in wood, laminate and more.

 4. Environmentally-responsible flooring. Beyond looks, in 2018, homeowners want to know where their floor came from. Using natural, renewable, recyclable and home-grown materials is huge right now.

 5. Blonde flooring. Don’t worry; gray is still big! Blonde is just also in and it’s making a huge splash. Light, airy, blonde flooring works with just about any decor and instantly makes your room look bigger.

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